Interview with Edera

I had the pleasure to interview Edera. Edera is a beautiful, sweet woman and a very supportive wife of Attila. Attila is well known fighter from Hungary.

Edera, briefly tell me something about you?

I am 22, I was born in Romania and I am currently living in Hungary with my husband. I have not got a fixed job but sometimes I do hostess work.

You are the wife of Koncz Attila, how is it for you to be a fighter’s wife and how long have you been together?

I have a very exciting and active life with Attila and I love it! I love motivating him, supporting him and I have been doing this from the beginning of his career, we are already together from 24th May of 2013.

You are married, how was your wedding?

Yes, our civil ceremony was on the 10th of June in 2018 with our close family. We will have our big wedding with more than 300 people on the 10th of August in 2019. We are waiting for it and I am dreaming of a wonderful wedding!


Is it hard to be the wife of a fighter? And if yes, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Yes, it is very hard. As I should support and motivate him in case of success as well in case of defeat. We should recover after each defeat because it makes us stronger. The hardest parts are the diets before the matches, when Attila should lose 5 kg. He is very sensitive and dull at that time and I do not like it but I got used to it and I know what should I say at that time.

You are from Hungary, how is the fighting world there?

There are a lot of talented sportsmen in Hungary.

Can you tell me something about the Hungary life compare to the Dutch lifestyle?

There are a lot of bicycles and fewer cars in Netherlands than in Hungary, therefore I think the Dutch life is a healthier way of life. I also noticed that people are friendlier here and I like that!

Do you like Holland, and if yes what do you like?

Yes, I like it. This was the first time I was here but I hope that I can come back. Almere is very beautiful and there are a lot of shops. Amsterdam was also a great experience.

What or which city do we need to visit in Hungary and why?

There are several beautiful cities in Hungary, but Budapest is a must for tourists. The Citadella, the Chain bridge and the Parlaiment are amazing and there are many other sights.

Is there a Hungary dish what is very special?

Yes, I can share some favorites: Goulash soup and pastry horn.

Were you already together with Koncz Attila, before he became a professional fighter and how was it to make this change?

Yes, we were together from the beginning by then we lived in Romania. I already saw that he did everything to develop, he was very motivated, and he always took the trainings very serious. I constantly encouraged him because I saw that he wanted to reach his goal. He worked at two workplaces besides his university studies and he found time to do his trainings. Everytime he tried to be better and better. I could only support and encourage him.
Thanks to a gala match in Budapest, Attila had a victory and this changed our lives. Attila got a new start, with a new trainer and a major sponsorship from HELL ENERGY! After a week we found ourselves in Hungary! Still then he is getting smarter and thougher because he’s just doing what he likes; training.

If Koncz Atilla has a contest, how do you help him towards the fight?

We talk a lot before his matches. I motivate and push him because he cannot give up. Sadly, he had a match that he lost because the lack of motivation. After this fight we watched motivational movies and went for walks in the evenings.


Do you train or do you also practice martial arts?

Yes, when we lived in Romania I took part of cross fit trainings. Since we moved to Hungary I have not found the perfect type of training yet, but I go to kickbox training with Attila regularly and I like it.

You did a training at our Bonjasky Academy, did you like it?

Yes, I took part in a gym training after a long pause and it was awesome. I felt stiff and It would be great to have trainings like this in Hungary.

How do you combine your family life with your work and your social life?

As I have no workplace now it is easy because I have time for everything.

How do your friends describe you?

Honest, kind, positive and helpful.

Describe your clothing style?

I try to dress up fashionable. I love elegant clothes but I also like sportswear.

Which designer do you like?

I do not wear the creations of popular fashion designers.

What is your favorite beauty product and why?

I love matte lipsticks from Mac and my Estee Lauder foundation cream.

What do you do in your free time?

I go to the gym, do some shopping or relaxing with my husband. I always find something to pass my time.

What’s your favorite city you want to visit and why?

Once I would like to go to Paris because I find it so romantic.

What’s on your bucketlist?

I have many plans but the one I would like the most is to have a fix job and after our wedding I really want to have a baby. I would like to be a young mother. Before having our baby, my dream is to go to the Maldives or Bali, hopefully one of them will be our honeymoon.

Which woman is inspiring for you?

I have many and they insipre me in many ways. One of them is my mother because she always finds the right solution. She always worked and suffered for making our family happy.
I also have some inspirational Romanian women, but they are not well-known.

Where do you see yourself in five years in life?

In five years, I want to live with a beautiful family on our deatched house.

What’s your dream in life?

It would be a dream of us to have a nice gym that we can operate together.

Veel liefs,